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Altura Coin Price Prediction 2030 – How & Where to Buy Altura coin

This article will give a detailed explanation of what you need to know about the Altura coin (ALU).

In-game items are an important part of a videogame, and they make it possible for gamers to possess digital assets. Altura wants to make it possible for gamers to use the same in-game items within multiple games.

altura coin

There is a maximum supply of 1 billion Alu coin (ALU) and a circulating supply of 220 million. When writing this article, the Altura coin stood for 0.0650 USD.

What is Altura Token?

Altura is a crypto contract platform that permits game designers to forge, exchange and distribute Smart NFTs symbolizing in-game elements.

Altura provides the infrastructure and equips the developer with the tools to program their NFTs with dynamic functionality; Smart NFTs.

Smart NFTs are NFTs that possess features that change concerning the circumstances. For instance, imagine a video game car whose tires change to steel on a rail track and change back to rubber tires on the road. 

Where to buy Altura Coin?

If you want to buy Altura token, the top cryptocurrency brokers for buying and selling Altura stock currently are; 

  • BKEX
  • Pancakeswap (V2)
  • LATOKEN and
  • Biswap

Altura Coin Price Prediction

As of June 2021, the Altura coin price was at 0.002333 USD, and today, 5th May 2022, the Altura coin price is currently 0.0650 USD. The Altura coin recorded a staggering rise of over 2600% within that time.

Most investors believe that the average Altura coin price will increase consistently through the years. It is expected that the Altura coin price will be 0.10 USD a year from now, which is approximately 200% of the current price!

Altura Coin Price Prediction 2030

With the growth of the use of cryptocurrency in digital transactions and trades, particularly in video games, it is expected that there will be a continuous rise in the price of the Altura token. 

Here are the predictions of the Altura coin price up to 2030;

  • Price forecast for 2022: $0.0910
  • Price forecast for 2023: $0.10
  • Price forecast for 2024: $0.12
  • Price forecast for 2025: $0.14
  • Price forecast for 2026: $0.13
  • Price forecast for 2027: $0.18
  • Price forecast for 2028: $0.23
  • Price forecast for 2029: $0.28
  • Price forecast for 2030: $0.31

This prediction forecasts that if you invest 1000 USD in Altura coin today, you will have about 6000 USD by 2030.

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How to buy Altura Coin with Metamask

To be able to buy Altura coin with Metamask, you need to:

  • Have a Binance account.

If you do not have a Binance account, take the following steps on how to create a Binance account;

  1. Visit Binance website (
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Allow Two-factor authentication (Not compulsory)
  • Buy your first Bitcoin (BTC)

It is highly recommended that you purchase Bitcoin first and then exchange it for the right amount of Altura (ALU).

  • Create a Metamask account

To create a Metamask account, you should;

  1. Visit the Metamask website (
  2. Create a wallet
  3. Copy and save your private seed words
  4. Read and accept the terms
  • Connect your Metamask wallet to Binance Smart Chain
  • Deposit your BNB to your Metamask wallet
  • Trade your BNB for Altura on Pancakeswap following the steps below

How to buy Altura Coin on Pancakeswap

  • Firstly, head over to the Pancakeswap exchange platform.
  • Click the ‘Connect to a wallet’ button and log in with the desired wallet.
  • (We will login with the Metamask wallet we created above)
  • The trading interface will appear once logged in. 
  • In the top field, choose the token you wish to trade for the token you want. In this case, BNB. And in the bottom field, we will select the token you wish to acquire, which is ALU in this case.
  • You can configure your order by entering how much you want to spend in the top field or buying by entering a number in the bottom field.
  • Click ‘Swap’ if you’re satisfied with your order.

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How to buy Altura Coin on Trust Wallet

A similar procedure as the one above is followed when buying Altura coin on Trust wallet.

  • Install Trust Wallet app
  • Login to your Account using your 12 secret phrases or Create an Account if you have not registered before.
  • On the Trust Wallet platform, navigate to the dApps section and select PancakeSwap under the DeFi section.
  • On PancakeSwap platform Connect your Trust wallet to Binance Smart Chain
  • Then, follow the procedure above to purchase Altura coin.

 Can Altura Coin reach 1 Dollar?

It is not likely that the Altura coin will reach 1 dollar at any time in the next ten years. But the price forecast hints that there could be a possibility of the Altura coin reaching 1 dollar, though in no near future.

Is Altura Coin a Good Investment?

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency with a high future yield, ALU can be an investment opportunity that can make you extra dollars. Altura is priced at $0.06481 as of 2022-3-05.

According to our projections, a longer-term rise is anticipated, and the Altura coin will be priced between $2.357 in 2026.

Altura(ALU) is creating a marketplace to sell, buy, or transfer out NFTs loot boxes that can drop NFTs as well as a way to make Loot boxes, a user interface to create smart NFTs, APIs for creating them, and SDKs to integrate video games.

Smart NFTs

Altura provides a user-friendly interface for users to mint Smart NFTs and an API for developers to mint NFTs. These NFTs, together with all the metadata associated with them, will be available on the Blockchain as BEP721 Smart contracts.

Loot Boxes

Loot boxes can be a fantastic source of income for many game developers. Their capabilities provide players have the chance to unlock the random item in-game from a collection of pre-determined sets of in-game items.

APIs and SDKs

APIs and SDKs will be vital for interacting with Altura NFT’s infrastructure. APIs and SDKs will allow developers to create, access, and transact NFTs inside their videos.

However, always remember to do proper market research, read news about cryptos and watch smart podcasts about cryptos and never fall for a hoax.



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