Crypto TokensLoomi Coin Price Prediction: Complete Guide on Where to Buy the Loomi...

Loomi Coin Price Prediction: Complete Guide on Where to Buy the Loomi Coin

Through the course of this article, we will understand all about the Loomi coin and its price prediction.

Given the necessity, there is a constant resounding need for the decentralized cryptocurrency community to bring to the table digital finance, especially right now, where data breach and data usage policy is the talk of the moment.

This has become even more important with the questions raised about big tech companies and why they breach users’ data. The blockchain industry presents decentralization which gives total control to the user, allowing the user the freedom to make decisions involving his financial transactions and assets without needing the services of a third-party organization.

Loomi Coin Price Prediction: Complete Guide on Where to Buy the Loomi Coin
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There are many cryptos in the coin market, and users must sift through this pool of cryptos to select any they deem important enough for their investment. Therefore, crypto users and investors must understand all about any crypto token they choose for their investment to enable them to make the right choice and maximize profit in the long run.

The Loomi coin is another crypto token that has attracted much attention and interest from crypto users and investors as it grows even more in price and value in the crypto market.

What is Loomi Coin? 

Loomi is a coin used to reward gamers on the Creepz NFT gaming platform for staking their token, and this means that the Loomi coin runs a play-to-earn system where gamers can maximize this opportunity to get extra funds.

Here is some basic information as regards the Loomi coin important for interested crypto users and investors to understand:

  • The Creepz platform is a play-to-earn NFT gaming platform where players are rewarded for staking their tokens. This reward comes in the form of Loomi coins.
  • These players can use this Loomi coin to purchase items in the game depending on their choice, and the Loomi coins can also be sold in the crypto market on some notable exchanges if a user wishes to trade them on the open market.
  • The Loomi coin runs on the Ethereum network, making it an ERC-20 token, some of the strongest tokens in the crypto market.

This vital information about the Loomi coin is important for investors and crypto users to understand their investment decisions.

Market Capitalization and Tokenomics of the Loomi Coin

There is an essential need for investors and crypto users to understand the tokenomics of any crypto token they choose for their investment, as this plays a vital role in determining a coin’s growth in the crypto market.

The tokenomics of a crypto token or coin refers to the distribution, liquidity, staking, and burning of t crypto coin in the coin market, which invariably affects many aspects of the coin or token.

Here are the tokenomics of the Loomi coin:

  • There is a total supply of 12.37 Million Loomi coins in the crypto market with a circulating supply of unknown on the CoinMarketCap crypto platform.
  • The coin has a fully diluted market capitalization of $7,323,570.69 as at the time of writing this article and sits comfortably on the #2891 rank on CoinMarketCap.
  • The Loomi coin has a 24-Hour trading volume of $10,247,565 and has seen a surge in its percentage of up to 108% as of writing this article.

Price and Contract Address of the Loomi Coin

Loomi coin has grown majorly since its launch in the crypto market, making it rise in ranks above many other tokens in the crypto market and drawing more users and holders to the coin.

As of the time of writing this article, the price of the Loomi coin has increased significantly and is at $0.591.

Its contract address is – 0xeb57bf569ad976974c1f861a5923a59f40222451

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Step-By-Step Guide On How to Buy the Loomi Coin 

The Loomi crypto has not yet been listed on several major exchanges but can still be purchased and stored by interested investors and crypto users by following some basic steps which have been outlined.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy and store the Loomi coin:

  • Since the Loomi coin is an Ethereum-based coin, users can purchase the Ethereum coin from significant crypto exchange platforms like Binance or Coinbase since this coin will be used for the transaction.
  • Once bought, open up the Trust Wallet platform and navigate to the dApps section of the app and open it, scroll down to the Decentralized Exchanges DEXs section and open up the Uniswap crypto exchange platform.
  • If the wallet is not already connected, the user can connect their wallet and then, on the “From” button, input the number of Ethereum needed for the transaction, dependent on the user’s choice.
  • On the “To” button, paste the contract address of the Loomi crypto on the search bar to import the coin. Once imported, the user will see the number of Loomi coins purchased by the number of Ethereum inputted.
  • If the user is satisfied with the information and the order, the user can go ahead to hit the “Swap” button to exchange the Ethereum for the Loomi coin. This will automatically be done by the platform and purchase the Loomi crypto using the number of inputted Ethereum.

Users can easily purchase and store the Loomi coin in their wallets through this means.

Is the Loomi Coin a Good Crypto Investment?

The Loomi crypto has grown in both worth and value since its launch in the crypto space, with many investors and crypto users taking major notice of this crypto token in the coin market, which has all been seen on the increasing market capitalization the Loomi crypto.

Being a play-to-earn coin, the NFT Gaming-based token has proven that gaming tokens are still strong tokens in the crypto market, given the strong surge in its percentage growth, at least at the time of writing this article.

It is still crucial for all investors and crypto users to understand any crypto token they choose for their investment. This will help investors avoid all scam tokens present in the crypto market and help them make a profit, which is the purpose of every investment.

What are your thoughts on the Loomi coin and how to buy this crypto token? Share your opinion and views in the comment section.

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